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Outfit sets

Finding the right store for girls' boutique clothing can sometimes be troublesome and time-consuming because few boutique stores have a finite collection of clothing items. It is because some boutiques only have attires from a limited number of designers, while others may not have every type of clothing you are looking for. With Sotitch, you would not ever have to worry about not finding the right style or right-sized clothing. We update our collection daily so that when you are looking for children's boutique clothing, you will find the ones that fit your bill without worrying too much about it.

Our girls' boutique clothing store displays the latest fashion items made of weather-fitting materials, soft on the skin, and does not cause any skin rashes. So whether looking for shorts and cute floral dresses for summer or trendy coats and sweaters for the winter, we have it all. We ensure that all our products are made with quality materials, are available at a wholesale rate, and you can buy them online.

As one of the best children's boutique clothing stores, we ensure that our products are comprised of both boys’ and girls’ clothing items. We have a wide array of styles and colors to choose from, while you will notice that our stock is designed with keeping the latest clothing trends in mind.

You would be able to explore our collection and order them online, choosing the right size and style for your kids. Our clothing items are perfect for gifting your kids or family members' kids and making their days brighter.


What are the considerations in choosing children's wear?

There are many factors to consider when choosing children’s wear. But, the 6 most important factors are the fabric of the clothes, safety of the children, size of the clothes, latest style and functionality, cost of the clothes, and season when the clothes will be used. 

How do you simplify kids' clothes?

Before simplifying your kids’ clothes, you should find out what they like and dislike. Other than this, you should consider the daily routine of your kids, meaning how many times they are changing clothes and what types of clothes they are wearing every time. To simplify your kids' clothes, you should overcome sentimental emotions and shouldn’t save for your grandkids. The best way to simplify is by donating. But, make sure you donate good stuff because no one wants your garbage. 

How many pairs of clothes do kids need?

There is no such standard count for pairs of clothes for your kids. The number depends on different factors. A few of the factors are the age of the kids, their current clothing habits, and your budget for kids’ clothes. The best is to buy less to waste less because kids grow very fast.

How do you keep kids' clothes organized?

To organize your kids’ clothes, you should invest in some storage solutions. You should then sort the clothes based on season, type, and size and put them in the storage space. You should place the items together in sets so that it’s easy for you and your child to grab out an outfit without messing up other things. You can place the items on top of each other into sets or fold them into each other. Most importantly, involve your kids in organizing the clothes. 

What is the common fabric used in children's wear?

Cotton is the common fabric used in children’s wear because it is soft and highly absorbent as well as gentle against a baby’s skin. Specifically, organic cotton fabric is used because it’s grown and processed further without the use of chemicals and fertilizers, making it completely safe for children. In winter, cotton voile, silk, satin, and flannel are used in children’s wear because cotton is lightweight. 

Why is it important to be extra careful in choosing children's clothes?

The skin of the children is very sensitive. So, if you don’t use the right fabric, kids will get rashes and other skin problems due to sensitivity. You should avoid chemically-treated fabrics.  Other than this, there are different types of trims and attachments in children’s clothes to make them adorable. But, these trims and attachments lead to different risks such as choking, entanglement, suffocation, etc. This is why it is important to be extra careful in choosing children’s clothes.