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How to Ease the Selection of Mommy and Me Clothing

The 60s was the era when mommy and me clothing were trendy. Later, people refused to follow the trend because they considered it to be a low-standard affair. The thought was that people don’t have money so they wear dresses made from a single piece of cloth. But, the surprising fact is that the same trend is back with a bang. Today, high-society moms are twinning with their kids and even paying a higher price for the same. 

Mommy and me clothing is ruling the fashion world. Many fashion designers and wholesale and retail suppliers have jumped into it because the profit margin is very high. But, selecting the best option is still difficult. The difficulty level increases when the selection has to be done for mommy and son clothing and not a daughter. 

In this post, we will discuss tips to narrow your search and make the selection process easier. 

Pick a theme (prefer what your kids like)

In most cases, getting the same pattern and color isn’t easy. Due to the size of the clothing, you will always find a bit of a difference in the pattern. Sometimes, even the color shades become a huge problem. 

To make it simple, you should pick a theme and select the mommy and me clothing based on the same. If you wear as per the theme, the color or pattern might not affect the overall look. Even if you include some elements of the theme in the dresses, they will look good. You will be theme-coordinated. 

Buy mommy and me clothing from the same store 

No matter what your theme, color, pattern, or style is, you should buy from a store that sells both adult and kid's clothes. We know it’s a bit challenging because stores generally deal in different sections. But, some stores have a different section for mommy and me clothing. One such store is Sotitch

If you try to buy the clothes for you and your kids from different stores, the process will become complicated. And the chances are very less that you will get the best-coordinated piece. There will be some differences, which will spoil the overall impression.

Even if it's theme-based, you should prefer a single store. 

One very important point to keep in mind when shopping for mommy and me clothing 

Don’t expect too much and be flexible 

We know you want to twin with your kid and look the best. It’s about taking beautiful pictures and creating memories. But, this doesn’t mean you will expect too much. 

Many people expect to twin everything, the color, the pattern, the style, and others. But, this isn’t always possible. You cannot match every element of your clothing. Also, there is no written statement that everything should match to follow the trend. Even if you match a single element, such as a pattern, the mommy and me clothing will be complete. 


Talking about flexibility, you should be ready to change the theme and other requirements if necessary. 

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